Do you apply for jobs in anticipation of getting an interview and then spend the next few weeks eagerly waiting for the post to arrive or your phone to ring?  Do you attend job interviews only to be told that someone will get back to you, and if they do, is it usually to tell you that you have not been successful?  

Why are you being ignored or rejected?  Because they cannot see you.  You are the Invisible Candidate.  

Job hunters read the same books and all do the same thing when it comes to applying for jobs. Whether the book is telling you how to write a CV or what questions to ask in an interview, everyone else is doing the same.  Job hunters all look the same and you are blending in with them all and not being seen.  You are following the same road as all the other candidates because you think it is the only way.  If you keep driving down the same road you will keep arriving at the same place, so it is time to stop driving blind and find a new route to the destination you really want to get to.

Stop following the rules invented by the job boards and focus on getting the job, rather than being one of their statistics.  

This book gives you advice on how to cut through the dysfunctional job market of today and to be seen. It will show you how to stand out, get to the right people within organisations, and to get the job you really want.